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Retro Fit: Heat Pump Technology

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In the current climate heating and plumbing options are much wider than ever before. At Future Generation Energy we will improve your existing heating systems. Retro fitting existing homes is our speciality.

  • We can reduce annual household energy costs and provide you with details of how and where the savings can be made

    Our systems will provide all year round sustainable temperatures throughout the home. This can create a more comfortable living experience. Our combination of heat pumps with temperature controls creates a smart space heating system.

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  • Every home has energy requirements to run on a day to day basis. Most homes are using fossil fuels as their main source of energy.  Our customers have been over-spending on traditional methods that are not energy efficient such as; emersion, open fires (timber & coal), storage heaters, oil boilers, gas boilers.

    This need to combine several different methods can be removed and replaced by installing one system that fulfils all of these requirements.  This can all be achieved in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

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  • We provide a consultation where we can look at your existing system and work to tailor a cost effective system that works for your budget and your home.

    Please fill out our survey sheet so we can make the first steps towards a cleaner and more cost effective energy solution for your home.

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Can I use some of my existing heating system or do I have do start from scratch and install a whole new system?

Future Generation Energy replace your oil boiler with a heat pump, and in most cases replace your immersion tank (if not adequately insulated). We use your existing pipe network, and in some case we advise replacing some/all of your radiators, if deemed inefficient.

Can I run my wood-burning stove in conjunction with the heat pump?

Yes but we wouldn't recommend it, as it would require the installation of an additional heat exchanger, incurring extra expense. Instead, we would advise you to use your stove to heat that particular room only, keeping it totally separate from the heat pump system which will heat the rest of the house.

Will the heat pump system be able to deliver sufficient energy to heat my home and sufficient hot water for the family?

The system will be designed and sized to provide adequate space heating and hot water for your individual family needs.
In addition, to maximise the efficiency of your new heat pump system, we recommend that you also address draughts, insulation, via your walls, windows or attics.

Will installing a new heat pump system affect the BER rating of my home?

Yes, installing a new heat pump system into an existing house will improve the BER rating.

Are there grants available for introducing renewable energy systems in to existing houses?

Yes, you can avail of the SEAI Better Homes Energy grants for Heat Pumps installations and Heating Controls.

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