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Heat Recovery

  • What is Heat Recovery?

    What is Heat Recovery?

    At Future Generation Energy we offer a wide variety of energy efficient heating solutions. HRV is a system that will circulate air throughout your home through a network of ducting and air vents. These systems suit new builds which meet specifications for air tightness.

    How does it work?

    The primary benefits of installing a Heat Recovery Ventilation system is that  a) it maximises energy efficiency and b) constantly circulates fresh clean filtered air around the home. Heat recovery systems provide air changes in the home up to 12 times a day. Heat is extracted from the exhaust air of the house, and using a counter-flow heat exchanger system, this heat is then used to heat the incoming air. The HRV unit also contains filters which clean the incoming air.  Thus, the homeowner gets the benefit of opening the windows, without actually opening the windows.

    Future Generation Energy supply Irish products that are designed for use in Irish homes. Our trusted suppliers have over 20 years of expertise and experience, and provide certified units to meet Irish building regulations.

  • Benefits of HRV

    Benefits of HRV

    At Future Generation Energy, we work with our customers to be fully compliant with Building Regulations. In an industry that is constantly evolving we strive to remain innovative and ensure our systems meet the required specifications.

    • Health  –  Clean fresh air benefits everybody
    • Comfort  –  Closed windows and draught free ventilation
    • Energy Efficiency  –  Reduces home heating costs
    • Condensation Control  –  Continuous extraction from wet rooms
    • Security  –  Constantly locked windows mean security

Future Generation Energy can provide a tailor-made system to suit your needs.  Call today for a consultation.

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Does a HRV system suit all sizes of houses ?

Yes, but the size of your house (the volume of air it contains) has to be taken into consideration when deciding the appropriate HRV system for your home.

Can a HRV system be installed in existing homes as well as in new buiilds?

Yes a HRV system can be installed in most homes,but you may need to address the insulation and draught-proofing of your home initially. These efficiencies ensure that you will subsequently make the least outlay on a HRV install the system

Does the HRV system comply with Building Regulations ?

Yes. Building regulations require a minimal ventilation flow rate of 0.3 l/sec/sq.m floor area.

Where in the house is the HRV unit located ?

The HRV unit does not take up much space (approx.
) and is ideally placed...... There will be nothing visible except a small disc in the ceiling of each room.

How efficient are HRV systems ?

Future Generation Energy uses Irish-manufactured HRV systems which - at 90% efficiency - rate as well as the best on the international market. The fresh air being supplied to the house is almost at the same temperature as the exhaust air leaving the building, irrespective of outside temperatures.

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