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Experts at Heat Pump Technology Design & Installation

  • New Build
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At Future Generation Energy we have a wide array of clean, efficient and renewable technologies, which offer alternatives to traditional heating solutions.  We provide a range of design options, and installation tailored for each individual customer. Our service ensures ongoing satisfaction to help our customers maximise their saving potential.  Our expert and qualified team will provide consultation regarding the best system to suit your property. Heat pumps replace the need for oil boilers, stoves and traditional solar panels.  Current SEAI building regulations require that all new builds must have some form of renewable energy (Part L).  Heat pumps offer a solution to this compliance.  The heat pump options include: a) ground source heat pumps, and b) air to water heat pumps.

  • Heat Pumps

    Heat Pumps use innovative technology to absorb energy from the surrounding environment – air, or ground (underground, rivers, lakes).  By recycling its own gas the heat pump extracts energy from the environment (air or ground).  This energy is transferred to your space heating system via a heat exchanger. Heat pump technology is cost effective and environmentally friendly. It is a sustainable heating solution that utilises the untapped energy resources, freely available in the environment.

    Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps use in
  • Air to water

    We use a range of Panasonic air-to-water heat pumps because of their high performance, their quality and reliability and their extensive range of solutions for various Domestic situations. These Panasonic systems are suitable for both new builds and retrofits. As PRO partners with Panasonic, Future Generation Energy provides a 7 year warranty for their air to water heat pump system.  

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    Air to water
We use a range
  • Air to air

    Panasonic air to air systems are smaller, quieter, more efficient solutions – with better technological features – reducing energy consumption while providing suitable perfect thermal comfort.  perfect for use in new builds and retrofits.  As PRO partners with Panasonic, Future Generation Energy provides a 7 year warranty for their air to air heat pump system.  

    Air to air
Panasonic air to
  • Geothermal

    The geothermal system extracts energy from the ground (soil, rivers, lakes), supplying energy to the house all year round. Unlike other heat pumps, the award-winning Ecoforest geothermal heat pumps have an inverter driven compressor technology. This additional component allows the compressor to modulate capacity and adjust to the home’s individual heating demands. This system monitors the air temperature in each room and adjusts it – heating or cooling – as required.  It also delivers  hot water 365 days per year.   This Ecoforest geothermal heat pump does not rely on any backup from oil or gas, minimising your operating costs.   Uniquely, the Ecoforest system offers a range of options for extracting energy from the environment:-

    • Vertical – simple & economic, using vertical boreholes
    • Horizontal – simple but requires a larger surface area of land.
    • Aerothermal – most appropriate in areas where the climate is mild or there are difficulties with suitable land.
    • Hybrid collection (air and ground sources) – for optimal performance (the software always searches for the most efficient energy source).

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The geothermal sy


How will I know which heat pump suits me best?

A member of the Future Generation Energy team will visit your property/assess your drawings to carry out an assessment as to which system best suits your individual requirements and your budget.

How soon will I receive payback on my heat pump system?

You can expect payback within seven years from commissioning.

What is the lifespan of the Geothermal heat pump system?

25 year lifespan for the Geothermal system.

What is the lifespan for the Air to Water heat pump system?

10 -15 year lifespan for the Air to water system, depending on site conditions.

Is my house suitable for heat pump technology?

Yes, every house is suited to heat pump technology. The SEAI sends out a technical advisor at the outset, to assess the existing radiators, underfloor construction etc. so that we can advise the most efficient method of converting to renewable technology.

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